Our Mission
The mission of the Labadie Environmental Organization (LEO) is to inform and educate the community about the environmental issues impacting health and well-being; to inspire positive change; and encourage practices for sustainability.

Who is LEO
LEO is a grassroots, non-profit, non-partisan citizens group which formed to address important environmental issues that impact our lives today and in the future.

A current priority issue is to stop AmerenUE siting a 400 acre, 100 foot tall coal ash waste on 1100+ acres of Missouri River bottomland. The proposed site is in the 100 year floodplain of the Missouri River. LEO's Campaign to Save Our Bottoms was launched in 2009 to inform local and downstream residents and mobilize the political will to site the landfill elsewhere, establish protections for the landfill and encourage the utility to minimize waste storage.

We are also dedicated to protecting clean water resources, community businesses and interests, and promoting sustainable development so future generations can live safely and prosper. We are dedicated to building community.

What is Coal Ash?
It is what's left after burning coal for power boiler slag, scrubber sludge, fly ash and bottom ash. Most of this waste is stored in our nation's floodplains, endangering our precious clean water resources while also increasing flood damage risks.

What Can You Do?
  • JOIN US! Become a LEO Member (FREE or paid) and get emails
  • Sign the on-line petition (together with our paper petition is about 2000 strong)
  • Make a donation (our only source of funding)
  • Spread the word (talk with neighbors, tell them to check out our website)
  • Learn more about our issues on our blog
  • Attend hearings, write letters, contact legislators, volunteer

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